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Prototype Development:

Video Prototype for review & test

Review of storyboard graphics and fonts:

Lecture Notes


Discover > Define > Develop >Deliver

I prefer seeing problems now as opportunities to deliver an intended purpose. I’m a little tired of looking for problems to solve.

Embarking on the course was a way for me to learn techniques and processes to help deliver authentic holistic communications in a way that promotes those services that are grassroots, those who do not have the resources or perhaps are unseen or unheard, and offering purposeful, valuable work that needs to be seen. This project has been just that for me, at times questioning my capability and if I am delivering the end purpose for the service, for the user and within the boundaries of design practice. Working in relationships and expressing vulnerabilities and expectations from the start leads to building relationships, acting as mutual support, and developing trust and technical abilities. Learning has been huge for me during this project; ASK was beneficial from an academic writing perspective. Gareth was the representative who helped me during this module, and I recommend his support to anyone who is going beyond expectation to help refine the rather messy attempts. Applying this to using artworks from talented artists and working with diverse expertise in the women’s wellness collective has added a wholesome learning experience. Teresa and Frauke have helped to steer a design direction and inspired my practice to almost it feels come back to that in the first module, somewhat refined and accepting like my need to explore and be curious and not be confined to just one design practice and think service design is an umbrella term that can hold my practice nicely.

Useful Tools

Firefly | Premier pro | Photoshop | Illustrator | Affer effects | Service design collaboration | writing technique | book design

Google docs – shared documents

Artefact Progress:

Colour & storyboard review with Olivia

Review and test the output of the message with Bolivia and Marta based in France and Poland. The Google Drive project folder has proved useful in documenting our work and planning, distributing and reviewing. Below, the storyboard is under review. Olivia would like to have the C1 section aligned with the imbalances of the hormone cycle; currently, that is not the case. Type setting and changes will take time; bearing this in mind, the written commentary is currently to be discussed and recorded to allow for continuity with the video.

The spreadsheet shows each block of the video storyboard’s content and timing. Olivia will review it, and we will meet to discuss the placement of the type along with the vision and purpose.


Developing further short videos and perhaps animation to drive change

Meeting Minutes and Review:


“tone is the same throughout” lacks the build-up to express the purpose. We will review the research and develop a scene, setting, voice tone, and music to set the tone. Review ways to utilise the information and set up across TikTok. Possibilities to expand beyond this to design and develop journals and a studio within the collective to serve the collective teachers and users.

Alan & Niomi Peer review

“birthing” Niomi’s feedback reminded her of her birthing experience, which I thought was lovely. The content design allows individuals to capture and validate their experiences. How is it possible to measure success? Alan’s work and critique were inspiring and directional in my understanding of design principles; his attention to detail and honest approach helped me understand the readability of my work through colour comparisons. Niomis’s work shows the clear development of a curious character. I feel instantly drawn to the work and character with a smile. It is a great course, a challenge, and exponential growth.

Stuart Fox (partner)

“The transitions between the phases graphic do not flow.” Harmony is key to helping the user feel the harmony between transitions and storyboards; this feedback leads to additional editing to fade into one another gently.

Playing with Photoshop

Critique & Distil



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