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What is the emotion inspired by Ubud, Bali?


From a theological perspective to a phycological scientific view. What is the nature of emotion? What is the difference between an emotion and a feeling? Allyn, R. 2022 sums up the difference nicely between feeling and emotion by sharing, ‘Our emotions are like the engine of the car; our feelings are the frame. You wouldn’t tune up your car and skip over the engine, right?’. Emotions are: 


Energy in Motion


Bali, rich in culture and beautiful imperfection, influences the theme and design of this week’s challenge. Neyepi celebration, Yoga teacher training and the Day of Silence.



Typographical digital approach harnessing research and feeling to intuitive create.

Obstacles Faced and Overcome

The amount of time I would like to spend on the final pieces is often spent on learning new techniques or dealing with technical glitches, which can be frustrating.

New Learnings

Inserting Image into type

Neyepi’s understanding and immersion

Discuss and understand the Sanskrit meaning of surrender and how to embody and experience it and deliver it in a visual design.

Final Piece



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