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Mind the Gap

Lecture Review

Reflecting on the term side hustles was a little confusing for me. it begged the question, is a side hustle much different from the current projects I am currently working on?’. Initial thoughts; It must be a matter of perception, relative to the ‘work’ dynamic, that said side hustles are all I do, currently.

After watching the lectures It was pleasing to hear about the designer’s love for their work, the diversity and variety seem to be the main motivations and drivers. From this, I was able to better understand the term side hustle from their descriptions.

Side-hustle = ‘helps to define you as a person’ = Your own creations


Side Hustle

What is a side hustle?

‘It is you, exactly as you want it to be’

Lecture 8: Sarah Bois

Task: Process of Discovery




I was hoping to keep everything digital to minimize carrying many notes during travel time. Wifi interferences steered me to be resourceful and create scribbles with limited tools.

This idea stems from the image of a wheel, this is something I would use with the Royal Society of Chemistry mentorship to explore gaps and decision matrix. Further reflecting on previous reading and the lecture notes inspired the exploration of simple interactive animation to guide future research projects and better understand skill set requirements, gaps, and best-suggested route. This may be more than I can chew with limited time, but I certainly give it my best shot.

Interactive Design

Design platforms used will be: Animate & Illustrator

Obstacles Faced and Overcome

Time and planning need work; great idea, not enough time to execute within a week.

Illustrator layers are required for animation, but this would not allow images to be set behind the shapes. Therefore, a change in design was needed, and some happy accidents. Test accidentally pressing the tab lead to text embedded into the circle, I liked it and keep it.



New Learnings

Animate will be new and will slowly feed in time across the additional to animate and make a more interactive model.

Ordering and observing additional skills have been motivating to take thought-out action to develop skill areas. The animation should allow for visually pleasing movement of the square to a particular skill type mapping and harness a bird’ s-eye view of tasks, what’s required, and the appropriate skill and development required to complete them.

Final Piece (working progress 23/02)

Animated Link Below:


The first time animation is incomplete, the idea would be to select the required skill to align with a specific project type.


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