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Research & Theory


Lecture Review

A definition of research:

“Acquisition of knowledge birthed from curiosity using repeatable and trustworthy resources, presenting sound qualitative and qualitative data. 


When was the last time engaged in research? Interestingly when leaving the chemical industry to look at research through a creative lens feels strange.

Room Study

Observations, feelings, and behaviors:

Resistance was prominent when settling to observe the room is different from doing it naturally. Lots of resistance, observing decorative design, Indonesian delicacy, and intricacy, cultural design shining through, and eventually a smile, noticing cracks in the walls, the damp smell from the kitchenette. 


Etymology – Study of words

Philosophy experience and questioning through the reflective process can be termed a study of the fundamental nature of reality, nature, and religion. Rationalists (reason) all our beliefs and entirety first principles and innate concepts  

Philosophical Categories

Metaphysics: The ultimate sense of reality also known as ontology.

Ethstetics: Nature of beauty and perception. 

Ethics: How to conduct ourselves and relationships between individuals.

Epistemology: Origins method of knowledge itself. Investigate the nature of human knowledge. 

Useful Terms

Method: Different techniques to construct data and interrogate the sources. e.g. In chapter one, we shall analyse the particular circumstances that caused it. 

Methodology – General principles rational and philosophical study a pillar of knowledge that you are standing on ‘you will do, what you are going to do’ Scafold. 

Qualitative: observations and interpretations of senses

Quantitative: facts about phenomena targeted and linear and measurable data. example: questionnaires. 

Informed consent – They are taking part and what is required of them is anonymity and confidentiality. 


Formal (direct description and how done) and contextual (wider context view and how fits into the world)



1. Relevance
2. Managable – accessible
3. Substantial – imagination
4. Fit for assessment 
5. Clear and simple
6. Interesting


Literature Review

There can be a discipline of design, but it must be different in kind from disciplines that possess determinate subject matters. Design is a discipline where the conception of subject matter, method, and purpose is an integrated part of the activity and of the results … not products, as such, but the art of conceiving and planning products.

Richard Buchanan, “Rhetoric, Humanism and Design,” in Discovering Design: Explorations in Design Studies (1995).

Design Cycle

This is a model I resonate with this visually simple and feel inspired to create my own from my research. This will come later as a sideline to help simplify and clarify a resinous path that suits my style.


The above model will focus on inspiration as well as qualitative experience and drawing on terminology shared in the lecture to practice deriving a good research question.



Drawing on both qualitative and quantitative research previously conducted to better understand the nature of the Bansuri (Yoair Blog 2023). Exploration of the instrument

Obstacles Faced and Overcome

Understanding the right approach for me to take is challenging narrowing my choices to the cultural or technical aspects associated with this beautifully crafted ancient instrument.

New Learnings

This task is refreshing research and theoretical understanding from an artistic lens.

Final Piece

300 words

The Bansuri is a woodwind instrument made from Bamboo and this particular design is native to India. Through a philosophical lens when considering the definition provided (Hosken 2023) when using the senses to observe and relate to playing and listening to the instrument Id like to better understand the effects of the sound of the instrument on the player and the listener.

When researching it was apparent the little literature that would pass the CRAAP test. Which of course is an opportunity in itself to explore more. Taking a bird’s eye view, I broadened my search to woodwind instruments bamboo and found many ancient cultures including Japan, Native Americans, and India each using this sacred instrument in using for treatment of the sick, signaling, and ceremonial events (Miller and Goss 2014).

The sound of the bamboo flutes is widely used in Yoga classes, ceremonial and devotional practices as well as spa treatment centers. Why? What is it about the sound that draws people in? What effects does sound vibration have on the physical body?

(Miller and Goss 2014) share quantitative data shows the effect on conditions such as anxiety and depression when listening to the Native American. This flute differs slightly in design from that of the Bansuri, yet it is interesting and the closest legible document to help with the investigation. The data shows quantitative measurements of subjects under relevant controlled and clinical conditions to observe the psychological and physiological effects of the sound of the flute. The effects within the study limitation conclude that using the instrument as part of music therapy is warranted (Miller and Goss 2014).

An Exploration of Physiological Responses to the Native American Flute

Miller and Goss describe the pattern in the graph helps ‘to corroborate the validity of the measures since it would be expected that, during the passive silence and listening conditions, sympathetic nervous system activity would decrease, allowing for increased blood flow’ (Miller and Goss 2014).

To answer the questions initially raised, the Bansuri flute has at first glance limited reliable sources to dig a little deeper. Also, this indicates a gap that could be explored in the future, with a viable methodology shown in Miller and Goss’s work.


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