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How We See


“The straight line belongs to Man. The curved line belongs to God.”

—  Antoni Gaudí

Inspiring words:

Learning through the senses through an embodied approach is suggested in the lecture and will inspire the course for the challenge.

South Bank Brisbane City is a place explored, baring a 15-acre section of landing nestled by the river housing the Gallery of Modern Art, a lovely view of the cityscape, and the cultural precinct, a centre for art and culture.

A place visited many times, and each time it reveals something new and spectacular. One occasion visiting an exhibition that I will share helped and inspired the inspiration behind this week’s challenge’s theme.

There are many sites, artistic presentations, and natural beauties to absorb as you walk through the Southbank landscape.

When looking and observing how this part of the city harnesses a contrast between nature and manmade structures.

I noticed a fascination with lines and was drawn to capture some of the observed line structures in contrast with nature. Brisbane, more so than many other cities I have been exposed to, creates space for nature to breathe. You see a mass of green and colourful flower explosions bursting through steel, glass, and concrete walls.

A question arrived in my mind.

‘Why are straight lines apparent in man-made structures and not in nature?’ Deep and probably too much to investigate. I have chosen this question to explore South Bank as it presented clear examples of the contract and differentiation between the visible straight line and nature’s non-linear or curved nature.

I will explore Adobe Premier Pro to create a short video to show my findings.



Are there straight lines in nature?





I pulled the video together sometime after the initial research. When I sat and reviewed the images and notes, I created the word sequence, then played with the images, sound, and music and placed them.

Obstacles Faced and Overcome

Audio and subtitles were rerun several times to align the words and improve the sound quality. Using all media was a challenge and was time-consuming and fun.

New Learnings

Basic Premier Pro slideshow

Lightroom adjustments and presets

Audition voice and sound editing

Final Piece

Straight Lines


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