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Case Study 2: Brand Delivery across the Globe

Laundry detergent products are used globally, acquiring a global market size of over 21 billion UDS in 2020; for this reason, a laundry product will be reviewed in the global category. Fortune Business Insights. (2021). In current years it can be assumed that a likely major contributor to plastic consumption and microplastic water contamination issues a topic for another assignment, perhaps. For marketing and design purposes, these case studies seem fitting and inspiring for future ethical product promotions. 

Proctor and Gamble, a top manufacturer of laundry products, launched its first heavy-duty laundry powder after 21 years in development. Marketed under the name Tide was first marketed in 1946. Marlowe, M. 2022.

Tide: P&G

How P&G’s Tide keeps reinventing the way it advertises | Marketing Media Money

“fragrances that transcend the olfactory signatures as perfume becomes art,” 

– Maison



The brand examples present elaborate visual appeal and elegant design. Tunisian talent Inkman

created his take on the flacon. His modern ‘calligraffiti’ technique draws appeal to Arabic consumers by using Arabic calligraphy and urban street art inspired by nature and imbued into packaging design. (Somerville 2022) Colours and symbols are rich and extravagant for an Arabic client base and contemporary Parisian artists. The use of colour simplified urban sophistication, vibrant and presented. Maison, M. 2023.



Deciding to review global consumables and something fun around a product I enjoy within the fragrance area. Therefore two case studies will be shared for the task.

Obstacles Faced and Overcome

Finding considerable differences other than language for the Tide brand was challenging. Interesting observations. When looking in the shops here in Bali, I did notice the laundry products and personal care would be travel size as it is a little touristic where I am currently, Nusa Lembongan, Indonesia. Laundry products would claim antibacterial properties; I think it is a claim liked by consumers and travellers in South East Asia. Interesting observation, the floral designs would be local, with flower native to the area and scents native to the locals. All of this is considered in the design layout. It was challenging for me to put this all into context, coming closer to the deadline and feeling the pressure a little.

New Learnings

Brushing up on previous market research skills

Brand design comparison and analysis

Casy Study 1.1

Tide is a global laundry product brand and market leader globally. Tide sales have continued to grow across several regions indicating that Tide is trusted and popular with the consumer. The brand remains eye-catching, bold, almost silently aggressive symbols, imagery reflecting its claims of removing tough heavy stains. This consistency of the brand’s identity has remained, with little change since 1946 or across South America, North America, Asia Pacific and Europe. Tide brand shows that sales have continued to grow across these regions. 

Preference across geographical locations changes, showing that different regions prefer the product in different forms, for example, powder or liquid. (Expert Market Research, 2022). Therefore production, labelling and quantity of packaging will differ across will change. The message remains very similar and delivered relatively consistently across locations and times. (Fortune Business Insights, 2021).

The combination of orange, yellow and blue appears to have remained the same across the locations investigated—the bold font is used to grab the receiver’s attention. 1946 to the present day, it seems the font has had some minor changes, with the dot of the ‘i’ moved to the centre and the ‘d’ being shortened and softened. (Marlowe, M, 2022). Tide, the action of the ocean, coming in and going out, could perhaps be a reference to the product’s ability to remove stains. Other product areas can often show deviations in design associated with fragrance variation. Claims specific to cultural, behavioural, and environmental factors, such as humidity in South East Asia, can cause clothes to have a damp odour. The consumer could, in this case, favour a product with additional abilities, of course, would, in some, change the pack’s design to draw attention to the need and requirements of the consumer. I did not find an example of it in this case study. It can be seen from the market data and the resilient nature of the Tide brand symbolism and design the consumer trusts Tide, and their message is loud and clear through the simple, bold design resulting in popular appeal globally.  


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