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The Self and Identity

Type | Colour | Value

Lecture Review

What a big question, and motivating self-exploration. What makes us tick and those around us?  Nature of our being. Identity. Nature vs Nurture.

Self – Martin Hoskin 
Critical Theory 
‘I can be googled therefore I am’

Martin explores the concept of self, perspective, and knowledge and how technology has affected our sense of self. This was a consideration for me when choosing to enroll in the course, in terms of losing the truth of expression through the use of technology. How do you represent yourself authentically through technological media?

The idea of sharing other things other than that of dualistic or separate unique differences explaining the “Self is vastly personal and complex”. The lecture inspired me to reflect on some of the studies and teaching in the Yoga and Vedanta studies I am interested in and which of course will influence my work.

How can graphic design enable me to communicate my core values, and also help others do the same and keep within the boundaries of the core value?

The new scientist also suggests that 50% (New Scientist. 2022) of genetics and environment, with the work of Yung, and Eric burn influenced by Freud all seem to provide perspective and understanding of the environmental aspects of the self and unconscious motivation.

Exploration of Self?

Mindfulness + Compassion
Phycology Transactional analysis 

Illustration by Elen Stolz

These are practices or ideas explored to get to know me in the past, a way to surrender into experience in the present moment. I decided from this to use some of these elements parallel to the work created for this topic. Yung phycology Projection – The act of projection is one of the most important aspects of Jung’s psychology with regard to our consideration of The Self, for it lies at the heart of the process by which we can feel attraction or repulsion. This applies to people and to material objects. We project whenever we perceive quality in another person or object

‘The ‘art of being in the now’ generates the self-understanding necessary to plan ahead and to construct a life trajectory which accords with the individuals wishes’.

Anthony Giddens. The tragectory of Self (1991)


Using a word art generator initially as it was quick and simple to visually represent the values that represent me today. Including a visual representation of the themes, colors and types that resonate with the values.


‘Therapy is a process of growth’ through transitions of a person life.’

Anthony Giddens. The Tragectory of Self (1991)

Obstacles Faced and Overcome

Loss in quality of formatted fonts. A way around this was to screenshot, crop, and save. Interesting as it works, simple and effective.

It was merging 2 layers within a particular shape within a layer. The design was not how it was intended and the original idea was to implement the type into the body of the image. I had spent quite some time on this and decided to work with what I had created, through experimentation. Photoshop editing aloud for layering of the images and transparency of the background image.


This week I used preprogrammed software to generate my values to visualise the words. This was just a fun and quick way to present the values not to pass them off as my own work.

Indesign and photoshop were used for creating, designing, and editing photography.

Typographic manipulation using illustrator, and learning how to manipulate typefaces in illustrator was fun.

Photoshop editing aloud for layering of the images and transparency of the background image.

A simple task, yet new to me. I decided to take a moment to mindfully observe each of the values chosen and meditate on them, then freestyle it. Fun.

Below you can see some examples.

Final Piece



Giddens, A. (1991) The Trajectory of the SelfLinks to an external site. Cambridge: Polity Press. pp.71. Available through Falmouth University resources library. [Accessed 28 February 2023].

Wilson, C. 2022.New Scientist. ‘Nature and Nurture’. 21 September 2022. Available at: [accessed 28 February 2023].

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