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Inspiration has been drawn from recent experience and nature, camping, and building community and friendships. Here I reflect on this particular task, and my research is based on self-reflection, observation, and experience. I think this would provide the most profound insight to share with you.

I feel inspired by the reflective qualities of the sun, freedom, and movement of the water, autonomy, and connection through the elements of the earth (sand), lake (water), sun (fire), and air (sky) showcasing the ever-changing aspects of the elements around us.

The ever-moving and changing qualities reflect the recent changes in my life, career, home, and lifestyle and the beginning of a new journey into the arts.

The sunset represents transformation, guiding light to dark, to begin anew the next day. Each day is as vibrant as the last. This will inspire my theme for the Quadriptych (In week two, I will use a little more literature research), and this week is about raw, unfiltered self-reaction.

Obstacles Faced and Overcome

The main challenge faced through his challenge was managing time and technical understanding of the platforms effectively.

Key learnings:

Understanding of what a Quadriptych is and adapting to a new timetable.


To research and understand Illustrator and document format quality when saving and sharing.


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