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Complex Simplicity – Projecting a New Perspective



Lecture Notes



“For many women, it can be challenging to find the right care…”

Davina McCall’s Pill Revolution


Investigate a cultural story > Analyse images

How do they illustrate the topic?

How does the image correspond to the text?

Is there something missing that clarifies the content narrative?

To shed light on issues surrounding period poverty and the stigma of menstruation, 140 designers collaborated to create various full stops, incorporating imagery such as uteruses and underwear. Their vibrant and playful approach resonates well with their student audience, conveying a bold message. Each design, predominantly using red, cleverly connects to the theme, offering relevance and lightheartedness. Notably, the data example (image 3) employs bold typography, utilizing one of the ‘periods’ to emphasize the straightforward yet impactful message: “End a sentence, start a revolution.” This font is striking; further enhancement could involve incorporating more full-stop designs to visually represent the statistic “1 in 5,” perhaps by featuring four images of the same design and one showcasing a different one. This approach would reinforce the data and add visual interest and coherence to the presentation. What are your thoughts on this approach?



‘Ooh Any Day Now’ Uses Typography to Rebrand the Menstrual Cycle Thoughtfully”

Instead, Anvari is determined to shed positive light on menstruation. “Phasal Font Design THREE” thoughtfully depicts the Menstruation, Follicular, Ovulation, and Luteal phases that compose the menstrual cycle. “I decided that to design letters is just redundant,” she shares of her thought process. “I would just write down “follicular phase” in a particular type, and it didn’t really mean much. The days, the numbers, were far more important in terms of what I eventually wanted to say.”

Devena provides an overview of the contraction methods by interviewing women of various age ranges to understand better the technique used and their experiences from synthetic hormones to natural fertility methods. It seems The topic in the brief will focus more on informing cyclical health, understanding PMS and filling some of the gaps that seem to be missing in fully understanding young women’s cycle biology and various holistic and intuitive avenues that can be explored to honour all those who have a monthly cycle. It still seems that there is a bias towards stopping periods to prevent unexpected pregnancies. Is stopping periods the only way? Are people being informed of all aspects of cyclical health? What are they? The period in this documentary seems to deem having periods as a problem. Is a woman’s mental cycle a problem? Or is it the lack of education how can women be empowered to choose based on all the facts?

Women’s Health Hubs is a 25 million government-funded scheme to be set up over ten years to help with individualised women’s health care. It highlights the long way to go to educate and allow for space for women to be empowered through choice and education on sex biology and hormones, lifestyle, and overall cycle health.




Personality values and language


A survey in collaboration with Oliva rose

I menstruate survey

I do not menstruate


Olivia Rose:

Falmouth University Student Union Lesley Quinn discussed cyclical health and the nature of the project: the objective is to understand how to distribute a survey to learn more about what the students currently understand about cyclical health. The aim is to create a documentary that visually communicates in a language and has content that speaks to the students and provides and inspires visual direction.

of funding goes to research on women’s contraception and products in this area


Premier pro training to aid technical skills for documentary creation. Along with illustrator and after effects.

Peer Critique & Distil


I love the topic of cyclical health! Personally affected, and experiencing the difference it can make to adjust my diary to my cycle has been highly beneficial and reduced pain and anxiety and improved my overall relationship with myself and appreciate my period instead of seeing it as an issue. Some sources  you might find helpful:Alisa Vitti – WomanCode and her book In the flo

like one heart, 1

KRISTIAN TERVO: WomanCode: Perfect Your Cycle, Amplify Your Fertility, Supercharge Your Sex Drive, and Become a Power Source – Kindle edition by Vitti, Alisa. Professional & Technical Kindle eBooks @

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kristian I think Genna, it was you in tutorials or some other meeting where I heard about your idea first. Back then, I remember you had a bunch of ideas, and now they have taken form, and you’ve narrowed them down. I thought each of your ideas was brilliant, and it is nice to see one come alive! I am very sorry if it wasn’t you, and I remember you right. 😄

Everything in our lives that we are scared or ashamed to talk about deserves more attention. The topic is not familiar to me, but I already know that I am proud of you for choosing a topic that is very important regarding women’s health. 

That is an INTERVENTION that we are meant to do!


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