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Creative Solutions for Conscious Consumption

Lecture Notes

Get the ideas out there – talk about the ideas and share

I noticed resistence to sharing ideas and fully expressing the concepts this week, and I would like to allocate action points to drive more open communication and collaboration. With Peers and prospective collaborators.

Thorsten Posselt: FELD, Berlin.

Mathew Jones & Michelle Dona at Accept & Proceed. Canary Warf as a place to live. Algorithm from all the data magazines, moving advertisements feeding headlines from the algorithm. Set up the framework and allow the computer to do it for you! Cool. (review moving advertisements)

Wouter Dirks, Studio Dumbar, Rotterdam. Visual ways to represent sounds, music and type.

Inspiration & Recommended Research:


Design –

Simple –

Font package



PDF Template

Tutorial Action Summary

Concept Development

Packaging Inspiration



Task – Outlined

“Map out a range of design concepts and theories that might help underpin the academic rigour of your outcome.

Who are the critical thinkers relevant to the subject area you are exploring?”


Critical Reflection


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