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natures sound

Inspirations & Prospective Outings

“A meditative exploration of our collective unconscious through the eyes of artificial intelligence”

– Illusionaires Latent Spaces

To evoke inspiration, suggested walks out and outings were discussed among the peer group, and how London and other community design ideas sparked interest. It was inspiring because it reminded me of a time in London when I recently saw the mural created for those lost to Covid-19 il share an image below:

The National Covid Memorial Wall

Simplistic community design project to provide a sense of acknowledgement, remembrance, and inclusive creation.



Skills ideas Research

Nida shared information regarding Discord; a link to access students was helpful. Upon reflection, this week has challenged me to let go of the idea of the end creation. In doing so, I feel confused, as the collaboration’s original plan appears overwhelming and miss-aligned. I realise that autonomy is a strength, and relying too much on a collaborator results from stealing from the richness of birthing something authentic to me. I will revert to previous studies and organise meetings with tutors, potential collaborators and artists to help determine the next best steps.

A week eight project from module GDE710 Contemporary Practice, an idea of interchangeable wheels to help me understand strengths and gaps in my practice. Perhaps a review of this can clarify how the chosen topics can best be supported and delivered by myself, and where necessary, collaboration is required.

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