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Service Design & Saving the World

Poetry & Dancer: Olivia Rose

Illustration: Marta Sasman

Service Design: Genna Magnall

Video Editing: Genna Magnall

Draft Section of Video

Lecture Notes

Posters | Stories for the underdogs

Service Design draws the user to a potential service or design. It is user-centred and co-creative; all stakeholders are valued and holistic. Having a focus on the relationship with the people as a service provider.

Service Design Thinking

Frauke Stegman

Society and purpose service design and saving the world

Service Design Tools:

Useful Tools

Journey Mapping

mapping each stage of the user experience, interpreting experience at various touch points, and naming positive and negative experiences through the interaction.

Typography play for PDF

Font: Norman bold serif guiding your eyes in a snake-like spiral with the last section of the word turning in on itself. The o is enlarged to represent a torch shining a light on the unseen. What message is to be delivered? How do we provide it with impact? Why is cyclical living

Political Graphics

HIERRO, G | Autor | Gender & Power


Developing and managing expectation within the project with the brief being so open was a challenge. It seems to have taken shape as a video to demonstrate a visually designed project in working with a service in participatory design thinking, being sensitive to the services in terms of in keeping with their current identity and somewhat shifting the focus to the content delivery and the holistic representation of mentrual education,. It was completely experimental for me, perhaps steered away from the contemporary approach. This can be tested with an audience soon to establish if the intended purpose was fulfilled with the refinished artefact.


“if it bleeds it leads”

Meeting Minutes and Review:

Tutorial: Frauke

Aligning feedback with the topic this week of service design and insightful critique in terms of aligning a design practice to suit me. Actions to research and distil this week’s lecture to align it with the PDF and essay.

Tutorial: Teresa

The critique will focus on the visual design piece, answering the design brief and the opening conversation starter.

Define cyclical living

People-centred focus on what they need to know and how they can get it.

Peer Feedback

Alan’s feedback contributed to observing his daughter’s feedback of their cycle and the problematic symptoms that arise – he helped distribute the survey to his daughter, who in turn helped collate information for the study within Gen Z.

Aromatherapy and Cyclical Living Carli Vanness

Flim Making

“The Matrilocal unity of women is fragmented…”

(Hierro, 1994)Author gender and power

Primary Research Survey Results Illustrator

Genz information source preferences



Raise Awareness


Making sense of your cycle


Collaboration is the driver of the relationship and participation of both Olivia Marta and myself, who are co-creating and working with an existing brand, a combination of graphics created by myself and the current graphic and brand identity of New World Women Collective.

It was asked how to share information the audience needs during critique and tutorial. This led to a meeting with Olivia to discuss a storyline narrative – Olivia suggested that we speak with a lady within the collective who is a storyteller, and I agreed. This did not work out due to timing; therefore, I drew up a structure for visual storytelling and added it to our Google Drive. The shared location of all of our work and sharing. This will be the source of the information to input into the video to outline relevant information demonstrating how cyclical living can help reframe perspectives and destigmatise a misunderstood natural gift.

Graphs created using Fresco

  • a simple review of a graph currently used in Olivia’s teaching and using my i-pen and fresco to re-create a crash that utilises the current brand identity and highlights the fluctuation in hormones over time to input into the video. I hope to animate, perhaps not time. Olivia has drops representing each phase, which we will integrate to honour the brand. I did create a blood drop based on intuitive drawing session no method just drawing and this will be used in the design of the pdf and. essay, however the video will use graphic that align and harmonsie with new World Womens brand identity.

Brainstorming the meanings of each of the phases with Olivia has inspired the design of 4 feminine designs of the womb space – with a slight abstract election based on intuition and sketches initially from the biological representation of the womb. Find flowers for each phrase that represent the season associated with them and the essential oils that align with each phase. With that, Ovulation will have sunflowers and oranges in summer and orange oil, the Follicular phase in spring, bulbs lemon grass, the Menstrual cycle in winter and lavender to calm and rest the nervous system, and the Letueal phase in autumn; however, we choose rose to symbolise self-love.

At first, I created a Sypol outline, creating space to draw without thinking too much about the end result. I found an old image on my phone of a rose from my nana’s home and imported it into Fresco; using vector brushes, I traced some of the design until I felt it was no longer required, then continued freehand. These results inspired the design used for New World Women.

Further development is required in discussion with Olivia to align with the preference of the current brand identity and accurate representations of the phases aligning with the moon.


  • Research three user-centred design processes or tools that can address a core need or problem. You might want to consider methods such as customer journey maps, service safaris, a day in the life, cultural probes, user profiles, or rich pictures.
  • Explain these methods in your own words.

Critique & Distil

The video is not complete. Further work is needed to use the editing training to cultivate a first draft for review from the collective, Bolivia, and Marta. The critique summary emphasises HOW, by living cyclically, you can reclaim your power.

Tutorials and meetings with Teresa and Olivia are shaping the design narrative. Premier Premier Pro training is complete, and we will utilise the new skills to create the film. Using an already formed brand identity, a poem and choreographed dance film of Olivia to integrate into this expression of life with and without cyclical living. The challenges faced are time struggles and family matters. I will shift and change some plans to focus on the main aspects of the project. Creating simple motion graphics to add colour to the C2 of the video and further develop the type for the film storylines.


Hyndman Sarah, Why Font Matter. 2016. pp. 17, 45, 81 & 87

Alison J Clark , 2021. Design Anthropology  Object cultures in transition boomsbury visual Arts. Pp87 -88

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