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Visual Writing


Lecture Notes

Using typography harmoniously with New World Women and exploring evoking emotion and meaning through selected typographic styles.


Cycle 1 Confusion frustration

Oliva Rose Vocals

How can the visual representation be complemented with harmonic graphics and edited to convey cyclical health and empowerment? How can a strong statement and conversation be backed up with consistent, honest proof? How to show being part of the collective and education and self-exploration through cyclical living can help you turn your period into pleasure and empowerment and deconstruct the suggestions that it is a problem.


Play with alternative fonts aside from New World Women fonts

Type is used to express various moods and emotions, such as frustration, confusion, clarity, and acknowledgement of pleasure, as a non-linear, almost abstract, and entropic process. It is also used to explore sharp edges to resemble rigidity, conformity, and frustration. The use of asymmetry to represent imbalance or perhaps playful harmony?

It’s important to harmonise with the collective’s feel and brand identity and honour the new creation. Collaboration is a mutual creation and is to be honoured and reflect the harmony of the project. The qualities of pleasure are in a meeting and creating new ideas to piece them together and distil, complement each other, and empower each other’s contributions and qualities. In theory, embodying this through the process will permeate the project’s manifestation.

Meeting Minutes and Review:

Oliva Rose

Tutorial: Teresa

Peer Feedback

Aromatherapy and Cyclical Living Carli Vanness


Revision Video editing

“Did you know your bleed is your power, not your problem?”

Genna magnall & olivia rose borowiak

After reflection and discussion with Teresa and Alan, along with further study, I’ve explored the statement somewhat.

“Did you know your bleed can be your pleasure, not your problem?”

Genna magnall & olivia rose borowiak

I revised the conversation after reading a journal and the first few chapters of The Great Cosmic Mother. I think using the word power contributes to the patricidal systems that could have and most likely are to blame for the lack of education centred around women’s health and, more so, cyclical health. See below the upper and one I will refer to in my argument to support this change in power to pleasure.

GRACIELA HIERRO states in the report below “pleasure is the opposite of oppression reduces being itself, while pleasure increases it, it empowers it”.

GenZ reports to Vogue Archrival that community is essential to them. Power is attributed to control (Hierro, 1994). Pleasure is that of cooperation in relationships and mutual reciprocation, the feminine qualities that I think are limited in today’s social-political structures. Perhaps that is why so many women and men in education are limited to education within the subject matter of cyclical health, as it would require a shift and complete paradigm shift in the magic and placing “the principle of pleasure to be the ultimate purpose of life.” That a woman’s sexual biology, nature, a spiritual and intuitive ability to transform, shift and create is, in fact, the very essence of life, pleasure and empowerment. (Hierro, 1994)


“Plesure is the search of plentitude of self….”

Hierro, 1994 – Author Gender & Power


  • Review of the front cover design:

Critique & Distil


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