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GDE_720_WEEK 10

Society & Purpose

Research and Reveal

Lecture Notes



After Effects Simple motion graphics

Waves using the colours associated with the ovulation phase used within the branding colours of New World Women Reclaim – Menstrual Education.

Wave effect using four colour tones selected for ovulation leading to luteal. For a layered effect in video editing, use the C2 section to illuminate the hormones and power of ovulation.

Ovulation: Created for NWW © 2019 This work is openly licensed via CC BY 4.0.
Luteal Phase: Rose Flower

Images developed through discussions with Bolivia and brainstorms – from that, I source objects such as flowers and fruits, taking images of these photos and creating similar versions based on real-life objects. The roses from my friend wedding, oranges from home and sunflowers from last summer photos from family.

Artefact Progress:

Extract of video progress


© 2019. This work is openly licensed via CC BY 4.0. (Annotated from Adobe Premiere Pro training)

The video requires the assets, including womb graphics and a storyline, to carry through how cyclical living can help elevate symptoms of PMS and what changes can be made to help. Colours are to be added through motion graphics in C2. 2nd phase of the video – Oliva is mostly happy we are realigning the story – discussion about going from the patriarchal birth to current days and shaping a new future. Harmony empowers and educates.



Meeting Minutes and Review:

Tutorial: Frauke

Week 11

Great feedback from Frauke, who highlighted some of Yoko Ono’s work —super inspiring for future ideas and using voice and contemporary animation to inspire change. As there is little time for a change, I will undoubtedly Research some of her work in London next week.

Tutorial: Teresa

Refine the How. Great transition. Define the focus of Collaboration and service.

Peer Feedback


Designers and what people need?

Book: do good design David B.Berman

Abstract Below:

Teresa Monachino

“Designers have far more power than they realize.

Their creativity fuels the most efficient but also the most destructive tools of deception in human history.

The largest threat to humanities, humanities future just may be the consumption of more than is necessary.

We are caught up in an unsustainable frenzy, spurred by rapid advances in the sophistication, psychology, speed and reach of visualize designed to convince us we need more stuff than we really do.

Human civilization trending toward one global civilization cannot afford to make even one more major global mistake the same.

The design that fuels mass over consumption also holds the power to repair the world.

Designers can be a model for other professionals for identifying one’s sphere of influence and then embrace the responsibility that accompanies that power to help repair the world.”

*”dont do good design do good”

Eric Speakerman

“interpreters between sender and receiver”

“Design for understanding, we need to understand what we are designing.”

“Designers design relationships.”

Eric Speakman 10 Design Principles

“And just to clarify those points, a search bubble is an algorithm bias that skews or limits the information an individual user sees on the Internet, while an echo chamber is an environment or ecosystem in which participants encounter beliefs that amplify or reinforce their preexisting beliefs.”

Meeting Olivia

We reviewed the video and discussed motion graphics to bring colour linked to the phases in the second half. This is in progress. Feedback included the mid-conversation starter to transition from C1 to C2, which is great, capturing attention and leading directly to the next half.

Critique & Distil

Be realistic on timings. Problems with Prem pro training also family and work commitments an extension has been granted.


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