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Creative Solutions for Conscious Consumption

Lecture Notes

Embrace the unknown

Morag Myerscough



Alan claims sight is the most essential sense. I disagree and think a holistic view of the senses is more wholesome.


Homecare & Happiness

% of Thais agree it’s worth spending money on products to uplift mood
% of UK adults who clean their homes say they enjoy cleaning their homes
% of Indian males would be encouraged to do more household chores if they felt it would help them destress

% Chinese adults talk about homecare (eg products, routine) with their family and friends
% of German cleaning buyers users watch online videos to learn cleaning ‘hacks’.

Future forecast:

Proof of claims

Focus on mood and well-being

Neuroscience to empower consumers

Home automation to save time

Home cleaning activities to be done for health and enjoyment

Engaging in Homecare

Richard Hopping (2023) Mintel global trends

Tutorial Action Summary

Tutorial Frauke


Packaging Inspiration

What is a design brief? Creating a core creative concept to guide core and produce the agreed deliverables of a project.


How can I use intimate colours and help the consumer trust the brand and feel compelled enough to move from the more harmful cleaning method to a more holistic homegrown approach? Review categories of cleaners bleach to create a colour map in line with this.

Dyes Natural & disappearing inks (draw on previous colour chemistry knowledge)source relevant research.

Task – Outlined

“Map out a range of design concepts and theories that might help underpin the academic rigour of your outcome.

Who are the critical thinkers relevant to the subject area you are exploring?”



Initial Concept Packaging

Revised Statement


Critical Reflection

The packaging design needs to be revised. I want to keep to the purpose with a pure, simple, and durable design. I will review durable and compostable materials where seeds can be embedded. How will the product description and branding be added? Is the design to be implied now that a mock-up is required? To reduce added complexity and keep the design aligned with the statement, I would like to take a more ordinary approach and review how to add the branding to the box without ink. Engraving or cutting into the card could be an option, but I will need to source additional information to help understand this.


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Week 8 lecture:

Michael Johnson. 2022. Problem Solved. pp.09 – 33.

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