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VSCO Sarah Elton. Pintrest.2023


To develop and evolve personal practice and self-identity by engaging with creative questions at the forefront of graphic design and contemporary needs.

To develop and evolve personally, see more details in Week 1 & Week 2.


Subject Specific to do….

  • See Week 1 & Week 2



– Stuart

“We also expect to see evidence of how you’ve tested and explored appropriate media, materials, format and production techniques to engage with your target audience.
Go for it. This is an opportunity to create something personal to you and engage a wider audience. We expect to see evidence of your passion and engagement towards the subject of your initiated project. Explore and experiment with your ideas.”

Sense of Smell – Change the perception of colour

Lecture Review from GDE710:

The Effect of Globalisation on Design

Simon Manchip: “Encouragement of greater collaboration”

Digital space promotes interconnectivity and tuning up the volume.

Globalisation is necessary for inspiration and alignment with my current circumstances to meet and embody cultural experiences.

Lecture 1:

This week, the creative practitioners answer the following questions:

– What is your development and reflection process?

– How have production, risk, failure and your ambition affected the outcome?

Veronica Fuerte: Hey

Simple Design can often be challenging when met with the complexity of choice and external aspects.


Sam Bompass – Bompass & Parr

Connecting things: Connecting the dots. The more connections made, the more successful the delivery, the budget to pay for it, and the audience. Meet people and absorb.

If you are invested in a project and motivated by it you will find a way to make it work.


What do i do?

How do i connect people?

What is my audience:



Sustainable paper suppliers


Inks: Scented & Natural


Fragrance encapsulators

Localised advertisement platforms or charities or stockists

Review and Reflect through documentation and critically reflect on what is successful and what is not.

In the next 11 days, what is achievable to create, design and deliver a speculative design?

Break into short deadlines this week and produce an action plan and timeline.


The character of Craft: ” Pandora remains their provocation. Pandora is a Goddess of aggressive destruction; the priest and the warrior are her representations and, in most cultures, entwined”.

“Investigation of craft as a kind of ritual.” investigating craftsmanship as a means of devotion to a cause and embodied experience in the creation and perhaps becoming a craftsman in the environment changing social power structures, or resculpting perception on mental health through natural medicines. Sustainability is seen in Richard Sennet as a type of craftsmanship.

“The Stranger lerns the art of adaptation more searchingly, if more painfully, than people who feel entitled to belong, at peace with their surrounding.”

Georg Simmel (The Craftman)


“The breath is the destination to the absolute, the home of miracles inside yourself”. – Genna


ID Magazine template design


Adobe Fresco: Line drawing and combining with topic

Simplicity: Sensory Focus reduction in text and simple imagery to reduce confusion, allowing for focused sensory exploration and reflection on home.

360 Fedrigoni

Magazine Design: Paper Producer


Personalisation options

Time, effort and craftsmanship to create








Most Common Magazine Sizes |

5.5 x 8.5 inches

I will change the size of the magazine for print to one that fits into a pocket easily. Side backpack, a small handbag or a coat pocket without needing to roll it.

Biodegradable and compostable.

Average width coat pockets: 4″ – 6″

Average backpack depth 5.5″ – 9″

I will base the measurements on H: 11.81″ W: 5.5 D: TBC

Peti Pri: Personalisation


Critical Reflection

Timing and perfectionism are working on what I feel comfortable with in fieldwork design thinking research. Now, there is limited time to design. I hope this will help spark a simple design piece—visual reflections of a sense of home.

Considerations when creating keynote presentations. Keep slide succinct, flat imagery, following the story parallel with the script.

Critical reflection: What went right, what went wrong, what could I do differently, where can I take the project from here?

Reference [Accessed 14 October 2023] [Accessed 14 October 2023]

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