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To develop and evolve personal practice and self-identity by engaging with creative questions at the forefront of graphic design and contemporary needs.

To develop and evolve personally

1_ Studio Practice portfolio 80%

2_ Presentation submission 20%

3_ Blog update 0%


Subject Specific to do….

  • Insights and strategies for design competitions
  • Craft skills about an outcome’s need
  • Thinking through doing
  • Applied creative process
  • Speculative, design fiction and theorised making
  • Digital and analogue-making skills
  • Trend forecasting and mood mapping techniques
  • Brands and consumerism


Sarah Pink: Sensory Ethnography

Mark Whitwell: Heart of Yoga – Yoga of Heart

The Craftsman

Lecture Note Snapshot

Reasons to initiate self-initiated projects: Build a portfolio, collaborate, build a client base, and manifest interesting projects for commercial, social, and community needs.

Practice of interest: Editorial, storytelling, illustration, film, publication, book illustration, social and mental health needs.

Creative ideas are birthed from listening to communities, family, and friends in safe spaces.

Quickies (quick wins): how does media affect the perception of truth? Example of 2 – 4 intense work to complete to create a small publication. Poster and book small magazine.

Self-Initiated vs. Commercial: Why not combine both?

Larger project: Collaboration and external hire are required to keep costs, keep the project on track, and ensure the client receives quality services.

6-stage process: >PHASE 1. >Phase 6 allows space to be created in the middle.


Ethnographic Observations Space and Place: Ubud, Bali Samyama Meditations Centre. Wrapped in a quiet pocket of Ubud enveloped by jungle and rice fields and surrounded by 26 people ready to immerse themselves into a yoga experience with Mark and Rosalind. Discussions with some people transmitted adoration, a sense of peace and support, and a feeling of the raw nature and simplicity of the surroundings. It inspires me to research the elements that create a design from a tangible athletic view, a sensory idea, cultural interior design, and nature. How do space and place make the feeling of home? What impact do cultural, political and interpersonal interactions have on the surface of the area?


What is a design brief? Creating a core creative concept to guide core and produce the agreed deliverables of a project.


  1. Inflexible elements: start with the first example: time risks, plans and reality
  2. Write out the brief with details and action points
  3. Additional information: audience, customer
  4. Art vs. Design (be conscious of labels and perceptions
  5. Initial ideas, of course, may change. How do we perceive the feeling of home, and what design and sensory aspects contribute to this? Observing my current location, events, and design in Bali to understand better how design and sensory experience in specific places and spaces create a feeling of ease and homelyness.

Design Inspiration:

MM-Paris (Alexandra McQueen)


Place & Space


Collaborative design briefs can help external stakeholders better understand a designer’s role. The element of Freedom to create has a proposed outcome and assesses the foundation, leaving space to create in between. “Efficiency kills creativity” Tim Brown.

RFP: generated when a business does not have its design group

Proposal: The design group would respond to the RFP with a proposal where the design brief can be created from this mutual collaboration.

Design Brief: Road map, written agreement. An outline for the final presentation of a design solution. Help stakeholders (non-designers understand the process and information needed to create a purposeful brief). It is developed with the client/ stakeholder with specific and strategic communication.

Task – Outlined

Feild of graphic design communication I would like to create a self-initiated project. 

List designers and artists 

How would you inform your creative direction? 

Personal interests, identity and experience.

Fieldwork: Design Week Bali Seminyak & Heart of Yoga teacher Untraining, sensory approach to safety and home.

Interests and inspiration: Environmental product design, publication design and natural interior design.

Examples of publication graphic design

  • Books
  • Newspapers
  • Newsletters
  • Directories
  • Annual reports
  • Magazines
  • Catalogues

Visual Identity Graphic Design

Art and Illustration Graphic Design

Product Design

  • Graphic or Visual Designers that create images and the user interface
  • User Researchers that understand the minds of your customers
  • Data Analysts test products and use that information and data to inform the end product.
  • Prototypers that can implement and test ideas as cheap and fast as possible

Environmental Design

Interior design


See week 2-3


Research Question:

What sensory experiences cultivate a feeling of home?

Utilising my experience in Bali, Yoga training and Japan to create a tactile product to evoke a sense of home.

Using ethnographic research and questionnaires of people from various cultures and backgrounds to understand better what natural aspects of experience and design cultivate a sense of home.

mm Paris

“I am an expert in my business need”

Peter I Philips

Critical Reflection

Wild minds and creativity often overpower order and logic. As always, I will work to balance the two to enjoy the process. Simplicity and time management are a focus parallel to design and creative strategy. Fieldwork and research focus for the next few weeks. Bring innovation to the forefront and weave in chemical knowledge through a more tangible product design.


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