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GDE730_B3_WEEK 9 

Core Characteristics, Ethics and Theory

Product or Service Artifact

Lecture Notes

Sinx (John Sinclair) Us Two, Co-Founder

A successful business is defined as all aspects of the business, not just the design work. It is highlighted to have strong values, and being pragmatic can help, especially as a smaller company. I am checking affordability. How does this favour non-profits? Life and breathing the importance of the business. Know your mission, vision and principles, live and breathe them, and sustain them as the business scales, fully integrate them into the business from the start.

Robin Howie Fieldwork Facility, Founder & Creative Director

Neef Rehman Us Two Adventure Lead

Open to change and adaptability, a broad approach can help develop a resilient business. Nievity in the industry has enabled them to be unique in focusing on passion and working with people and clients for enjoyment.

Sophie Hawkins, S. Hawkins Co. Director.

Quality design that considers the whole process down the line. I like the approach and the attention to detail in utilising this in designing experiences and scaling businesses with more preparation.

Personal Practice

Frauke Week 9

Social need is a new product or service that impacts the world and the audience you design for in the future. It is driven by my practice, where there is a gap in the market to be new and engaging. What type of designer? What designer will I be shaped by in the future?


time energy, and resource to create value for others.

Creative Destruction – Economist Joseph Schumpeter’s definition:

Initiator of transformation.

Refreshing economies.


Design is applied to areas to bricks to protect bat species.

Connecting communities wild, life and humans to fulfil a current and relevant need is critical.

Inspired literature:

Designing experiences

Mindful Nation

Mental Health First Aid

Yoga and Breath to Ease Anxiety

How to Fulfil A Genuine Need

Social | Ecological |Community

I feel inspired by personal experience and social needs linked to Mental illness and design a digital product combining Self-Compassion, Yoga, Chemistry, Sense Journey and Design.


Recently working alongside several yoga teachers and holistic health experts, and feedback from my client show the importance of affordable, inclusive, intuitive well-being sessions that suit specific ever-changing needs.


An affordable digital product to improve Ill Mentel Health and Reduce Stress that is suited to the need of the client.

Select short videos that can be bundled together to create your practice to suit your needs. Encourage relationships with the senses to ease stress and cultivate self-compassion.

Check place location and find collaborators.

Another idea is to design the general theme for an in-person experience to help encourage inclusivity, connection and self-awareness through the senses.

“Efficiency kills creativity”

Tim Brown

Critical Reflection



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