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GDE730_B3_WEEK 12

Developing Ideas for Launch

Experience Artistry | Expanding Designed Multisensory Experience

Experience Alchemist


The final artefact will tie in nicely with a recent project worked on with a Swedish sustainable wellness brand, Fajers. It’s been an incredible journey to work with this talented lady. It was purely intuitive and spontaneous to reach out over Instagram 1 year ago, and we have been developing and nurturing a charming business and human friendship that encourages and supports each other’s growth.

Being an Ambassador and affiliate, we have several projects lined up. After various discussions, we will organise dual promotion once the artefact is created to offer multiple collaborative and holistic products sold on the site.

There is potential to launch a range of products including crystals, yoga mats and scented products.


  1. Reflect on the future steps that would be required to bring your ‘Shop’ prototype to life.
  2. Outline any potential usability issues with your artefact; how could these be improved?

Smoothing Out

Lecture Notes

Alec Dudson CEO Intern

Marketing Strategy

levelling up communications

PR – Agencies can be expensive

Zettler for higher budget: (design-based innovation, design, technology) £2000 pm approx; act on a retainer

Consider the PR business resources with contacts in the area you want to focus on. Specific or broad.


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