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GDE730_B3_WEEK 10

Trends & Output

HeArt of the Community


  1. Research examples of designers as authors and makers.
  2. Research how designers as makers publicise their activities and the most effective platforms they use to share their work.

Design Maker

Kory McAvoy – Academy of Grounding

After hitting a wall in creative thinking, and procrastination taking over, I connected with a friend, Kory Mcavoy, of the Academy of Grounding.

This encounter feels more fitting than some lecture resource material: Kory, a Creative Director based in Brisbane, Australia.

This a beautiful example of redirection through procrastination. Her guidance was super helpful. Kory is a Mother of two beautiful children, wife, Creative Director, Yoga and Gynastica teacher, and so much more. I see her work as much more than this—artistry in nurturing community environments and experiences and inspiration in her work as the whole experience.

After the discussion, I could feel the purpose of the work I was creating, helping me see the purpose and how to communicate this through the document visually.

The same narrative is to apply; why not through the senses? Through multisensory experience weaving a history that is talking to the audience.

Kory mainly shares her community work in person, connecting through activities, camping, retreats, workshops and design pieces across media, web design, videography and more. Kory’s essence creates a uniquely rich, nurturing, wholesome experience that will last forever.

“Procrastination restores creativity.”

Tim Brown – Change by Design

Through writing and speaking, he is guiding the choices to champion design’s interdisciplinary, multi-faceted nature.

Platforms’ time uses tend to be through books, mainly written graphic or recorded medium.

‘Design thinking converts need into demand. It’s a human-centred approach to problem-solving that helps people, and organizations become more innovative and creative.’

“Efficency kill creativity”

Tim Brown

Critical Reflection



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