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GDE730_B2_WEEK 6

Interdisciplinary Insights New Approaches and Creative Partners Lecture Notes

Design Experience


  1. Find various cutting-edge, global examples of collaborative creative practice that push boundaries and take risks.
  2. Reflect on how you can work in new collaborative ways as a designer.

Collaborative project. Katie Mayboyed. Bio design challenge.

Dr Ian Medway – Governmental pollutants in London are causing concerning life-altering conditions—stunted growth. Synthetic Biology and Science have been inspired to create a visual speculative piece to communicate the pollution in London—a blend of science ideas to concepts to capture air-borne pollutants, a hypothetical collaboration with a meaningful purpose.


Life is an experiment and I’m experimenting with life.

– Buckminster Fuller

“More Collaboration Less Hierarchy”

-Frauke Stegmann

Science | Arts | Spirituality

Bridging the gap of understanding focuses on people with a heart-centred approach to education, creativity and intuition.


  1. Brainstorm Ideas of Interdisciplinary Collaboration

2. Meaning of Interdisciplinary design


Critical Reflection

It is challenging to piece together; patients and rest have allowed space t to be inspired. Geographical location, time limitations, internet and regular power cuts are ongoing, and investment in additional equipment as a backup and aid light load as I travel.
At one time would have been taken for granted. Being situated in a parallel economy indeed gives rise to helping nurture creative solution implementation and encouraged separation from the virtual world and venturing into in-person interaction with real people. I will list some of them below:

  1. Ipad and Ipencil

2. Adobe Fresco learning and skill development

3. Attending workshops and places I would not usually visit for creative inspiration.

4. I am taking some time out of the computer. Scheduling calls with accountants and memberships sights for legal advice.

5. Coffee and supporting workshops with musicians, herbalists, yoga teachers and venue owners to build authentic relationships locally.

6. Discussing upcoming projects, support for training and mentoring with teacher trainers, yoga teachers, biologists, and my neighbours currently running a brand design and marketing business is insightful.


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