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GDE730_B2_WEEK 5


Brief 2

Creation of an Aid in. designed PDF can be speculative and needs to be demonstrated as a viable offering true to own personality.


1. Ways in which graphic designers produce work collaboratively.
2. One example of exemplary change is a historical significance piece of work.

Lecture Notes

Having so many ideas, it isn’t easy to condense them as I feel more research is required. Meeting much resistance by developing a clear, concise Business plan and a collaborative approach may help to spark a creative flare.

Morag Myerscough, Director, Myerscough Studio  Isabel Seiffart and Christoph Miller, Directors, Offshore Studio, demonstrate examples of collaborative ways to approach design ideas.

Health Care groups and social collaborations

Collaborations with those who fill the gaps: Photographer, editors, publicists, suppliers, production, and venue owners for service-based partnership.


A fall exhibition at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Sissel Tolaas, a Norwegian artist, chemist, and linguist, the galleries put smell front and centre.” In collaboration with Zoë Ryan, the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) director.

Considerations in collaborations:

  1. What is the project and goal?
  2. How will all parties benefit?
  3. What is the financial agreement, if there is one?
  4. How long does the contract last?
  5. Who owns the IP?
  6. Can anyone else use the created content? Or is it exclusive?
  7. What are the long-term benefits of the agreement? Further opportunities?

Collaboration Tips:

  1. Find the right fit
  2. Think outside the box (Nikey and Sharpy)
  3. Trust
  4. Build the right team considering clients’ gaps and strengths as well as your own.
  5. Synchronicities (likeminded people coming together)

Wellness Retreat Branding

Examples of client profiles and aligned

Mojo Productions

Finding and cultivating relationships to create the results for the brief

Collaboration is not for everyone, and that is okay!

“Right team of people to build on strengths” 

– Isabel Seiffart

“Your Client is Your Collaborator”

Week 5 Lecture

Check List

Research > Distil > Imagine > Design > Commicate > Manage

Managing Expectations

Your needs and keep the communication flow

Ownership: how important is it to have your name on it? Often the designer is in the background due to the brand identity of another. Or the creation of your designs for your brand(s)?

Item of self-promotion – what gaps are needed to be filled, where skills need to be outsourced and limited edition examples.


Who have I collaborated with?

Wellness experts, wellness product entrepreneurs.

Who would I like to collaborate with?

Mental health charities | Source charities linked to miss-attributed parentage or started a movement myself

What does the thought of collaborating fill you with dread, joy, and excitement?

Critical Reflection


  1. Resistance and clarity of the goal
  2. Time pressures
  3. Creative flair lost
  4. Lack of clarity of final goal

Overcoming Barriers

  1. Taking rest when needed
  2. allocation of tasks that are key to needs and values
  3. Take time out to communicate at workshops.
  4. Express me through art without setting a goal intuitively


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