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GDE730_B1_Week 1


Lecture Note Snap Shot

All very exciting, yet difficult to consolidate where to start. Lectures are inspiring and profiting inside, and I would like to fine-tune the best approach to business or project to set up. The best meaning aligns with value and a meaningful approach to counter yesterday’s design and production mistakes (learnings)of today. Leading to balanced and human-centred innovative approaches today with the intention of a safer, transparent and brighter tomorrow. The demographics and geographical location considerations are barriers I need to work through.

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Business plans in the past are something I procrastinate on, finding it difficult to go back to and reference. For this reason, I would like to try a new approach.

The colourful, playful design has been paradoxically proposed as this module is heavy. I wanted to make it bright and light. I am adding qualities, simple, colourful and engaging.


The design of the PDFs for this module has been inspired by my easy travel dry beach towel by Dock & Bay. I love the colours, and they remind me of paradise. I am, hopefully, inspiring the same theme throughout the business foundations module.

“Idea often people are not seen as humans. Hugging and intimacy. Love is a powerful thing, making magic happen”

John Maeda

Critical Reflection

On a global scale, many outdated structures in business, health and education have contributed to ill mental health and the increase in sick days due to ill mental health. As well as many other environmental concerns. It is thought to lead to catastrophic effects and the loss of many more species and forestation.

I need to be sure that future endeavours counter this! Form a business/ project with purpose and integrity based on transparency, vulnerability, intimacy and compassion—people, nature, environment, focus, not just buzzword supervision, box-ticking exercise. When a business focuses on hierarchy and profit, it seems to lead to fast-paced innovation with little consideration for consequences. A company should consider the “Is it essential?” and harness humanness’s true nature and importance, ensuring it is not forgotten.


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