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Visual Writing & Content Review

Colour combinations inspired by Martas Sasmans art and menstruation

Piecing together

Lecture Notes

Susanna Edwards in conversation with Angharad Lewis Introduction lecture


Knowing your theme well when writing and drafting is an important process to keep to the point and leave space for adaptation and evolution. Coming to an exciting crescendo. (L, Anaharad. 2024)


Above are themes and fonts researched for the design of the PDF and will be explored as options for the film later on. The type on the lower left is not solvent. It is Norman regular.

Phasal recognition through type

Menstruation | Feel | Slow-down

Follicular | Reawaken | Order

Ovulation | Truth | Shine

Luteal | Ground | Self-care

It was decided to move forward with the 2 cycle comparisons; therefore, research and type design for the phases will be put on hold.


In a brainstorming session, Olivia shared a poem she had created about cyclical living. We have decided to bring this into the narrative. Cyclical differences recognition through type.

Cycle 1 Confusion frustration

The poem Created by Olivia RoseBorowaik for the collective will be the thread through the narrative.

Olivia’s poem will lead the narrative for the film.

How can I use type and animation to demonstrate the poem’s meaning – possibly to use in the film?


Meeting Minutes and Review:

Discussions included brainstorming names and terms for the documentary and potential series beyond this project. Olivia will deliver videos of movement aligned with a poem. A video and graphics will be created and developed from this to align with the narrative.


Frauke Totorial Visusal Inspiration

Fal Fem – Artwork Inspo

“Design, on the other hand, is a practice of material and immaterial making…”

alison J. Clarke – author Design Anthropology


The survey results provide insightful information, yet collating Gen Z data and isolating it for understanding is challenging. Further qualitative research has been collated via online search and literature review. Vogue 2024 shares some insightful data and Future Lab to help conclude some valuable insights into Gen Z’s general needs. The document below is a section of the data that will be reviewed and condensed to distil aspects to support the central argument of the research topic and question.

Trace Martas’s pieces of art to inspire shapes to harmonise through the PDF or attentively to the video Using Illustrator.


  • Explore the various methods and platforms that can be utilised to get your work self-published.
  • Consider both digital and tangible processes for self-publishing.


Evolution through discussion and brainstorming to collate some video footage and align it with a poem to highlight the difference between cyclical living and non-cyclical living. The poem’s author is Olivia Rose, and Bolivia will create the videos and content for me to compile into a video.

Investigation of typography and video editing

Suggestions for future work together:

Documentary Umbrella Title

Rythem and Roots

  • Master project: devise a documentary series of episodes or book or publication.
  1. Sensycle

Critique & Distil

This week is challenged with procrastination, creative blocks, and logical blocks. As well as a technical block, my computer’s capabilities to withstand Indesign Illustrator and Premier Pro are limited, which has caused several stressors that have led to the decision to purchase a new laptop. This will allow processing time and design work to be completed much faster as the RAM capabilities are much better. This has, however, caused a backlog of work. A structured time plan to make space for the completion of tasks will be adapted to suit these changes. Premier pro training is almost complete, and further introductions to After Effects, Illustrator and Photoshop to develop tools for aiding the project’s narrative. Exploring colour matching in Photoshop, shared by Teresa, was very helpful in developing a consistent colour theme for the film. This task will be skipped this week to catch up on other tasks as a priority.

I will explore the idea of including shapes drawn or created while listening to Olivia Rose’s poem, being inspired by Vogue magazine design and visual representation to declare insight to the generation itself.


Falmouth University, week 6. [Accessed 04 March 2024]

Hyndman Sarah, Why Font Matter. 2016. pp. 17, 45, 81 & 87

Alison J Clark , 2021. Design Anthropology  Object cultures in transition boomsbury visual Arts. Pp87 -88

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