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Interdisciplinary Insights


Artist: Marta Sasman

Marta is a qualified art teacher, yoga teacher and traveller after meeting Marta in Asia spending some time with her was a blessing. Her soft and feminine character aligns with integrity and grace and shines through her work. Marta embodies a blissful and sensual vulnerability whilst capturing the raw essence of intuitive feminine art. Marta has gifted some of her art to use in the video creation.

Artist, yoga teacher, dancer and founder New World Women Olivia Rose and i have set the narrative centralised around a poem Olivia created to highlight live with and without cyclical living. We have discussed using this as the storyline line and a movement visual piece captured in the woods. This is budgeted and we will improvise and film ourselves, i will relay on video editing, we will create the music, sounds with various instruments include tongue drum, egyiptian pharo flute, bansuri flute and natures sounds.

Lecture Notes

Stuart Tolly

Ethnographic research:

Important note: clear well define objective for what you want to achieve.

Examples: provide a voice for social or cultural groups, gaining consent.

Documentary film and can help with ethnographic research. How can I as a designer, use the tools to illuminate social and political or cultural research.

Layers & transparency

“Registering the invisible.”

“A good photograph will make you reflect” – Richard Mosse

Influence through the mind & the heart.

Andrew Sanigar: Book publishing could be useful for the final project


Book design: with fragrance

Embossing and de-bossing

scent abstract simplicity


Teresa Monachino


Brief Research:


“Better, smaller, fairer.”

Future laboratory

“Digital citizens”

Future laboratory

“More likely to exhibit physiological concerns.”

Future laboratory

Infographics – express data in order of relevance

Genz References

Favoured social media platform:

tik tok


Font Exploration:

Aligning the font to the audience and theme requires some further research. Dassie is a trial font that is bold and classic, and it conveys a message that demands to be seen, with a classical feel and inversely softened by rounded, gentle curvature, conveying a happy and friendly mood.




Documentary Creation:

Brief > Research audience> narrative >structure >content> collaboration >art direction >euiptment > Docu treatment >video creation > audio creation >paper edit > final edit (premiere pro) >colour grading > marketing > final meeting > submission

It turned out much more work than anticipated shower we do not have a film crew or videographer therefore we will use what we have. I will research and begin to curate graphics, infographics aligning fonts, animation for Marta images and developing the art direction of the short film. It was a challenge to visualise therefore a wall story board has been created to visualise the creation.



Animation Inspiration

Tracy Stevens


  • Find a publication or article that responds to a socially led issue. See below:
  • Consider how the author might have pitched this idea to get it published.
  • The social and cultural attitude towards women menstral health has gained more space for discussion and attention. The author would have been clear of the audience and what message is to be delivered for the publisher to be clear of how do facilitate providing the message.
  • What aspects of this work would have been fundamental to highlight to get approval from a commissioning editor? Audience and allocated need: what is the publications purpose and who is it speaking to?
  • In this case, the younger generation will destigmatise the period and raise awareness. Any Day Now, on the other hand, shows art direction in an entirely different light. “Mentral Cycle Beaitification” wanting to clarify ambiguity between the phases of your cycle and how this can be expressed through typography. This demonstrates to the audience that the phases are not structured and are confined to strict regimentation. This particular article possibly would have a less phycal product approach and more intuitive design message i can image utterly different pitch to have them commissioned.


Next week, I will research and distil relevant information that is aligned with the emotional mood and audience.

Critique & Distil


Falmouth University, week 6. [Accessed 04 March 2024]

Hyndman Sarah, Why Font Matter. 2016. pp. 17, 45, 81 & 87

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