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Expanding beyond the norm

Lecture Notes

If graphic design is being automated, where does that leave us?

“We have to adapt and function using the graphic design brain and sensibility to do other things…”

Adrian Shaughnessy | writer, editor and publisher

Infographics – express data in order of relevance

Social media: allows us to know our audience

Making books a pleasurable experience.

Processing a book:

Picture edit


design process starts

Quality takes time


Meeting week 5


Olivia Rose: Founder of New World Women

Marta Sasama: Artist



Premier pro training

Map out project and art direction

Process research making films

Genz Z questionnaire review

Design Gaps


Design rules: define and learn and then brake


Emotion conveys Empowerment and gentleness, harmony and mental health-driven



Modibodi’s First Period Kit aims to destigmatise periods as “shameful and taboo”

Feminine, fluid and fun inviting design.


Collect and develop concept

Critique & Distil

Creative block and time pressures have led to the block. Reviewing peer comments shares some insight into the perception of period and cycle living. I’m still learning and exploring, and the research highlights that for some, menstrual health is understood lightly and for others, not at all. Some feel it is problematic to be on a period. How can awareness and understanding of the cycle help women better prepare to make the most of their monthly routine and align tasks, hobbies, and activities to align with this?

This is the message to convey.

Typography research and tutorial with Terresa to help guide and develop the research into form.

Ideas wall:


Falmouth University,(2024). History revealed. [Accessed on 25 January 2024].

McNeil, P. (2017). The Visual History of Design. pp. . ISBN978-78067-976-1.

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