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BIG Data

Brief Topic

Design Approach to Cyclical Health

Lecture Notes

“a picture means a thousand words”

Falmouth University GDE720_WEEK_3

It seems less is more when visually representing data to present complex information in its most basic form.

A visual representation of information or data in the form of a graph or diagram

Examples of information designers: Harry Beck, Lindon Leader, Charles Joseph Minard, John Snow, Jacques Bertin,

Examples: Ikea – Homemade is best

Data meets Design: Colour, size orientation, visual cues, patterns, colour-correlation, size-quantity, hierarchy anatomy, communication through information; your message is only as good as your ability to share it.

Forensic Architecture: Humanitarian disasters, data saturation, realistic and research and approach winner of Design London. Research! It is an exciting concept of visual representation to explore and critique.

3D Data – motion and live data streams (@greyworld)

Regenerative Design: Generative Design – Beautiful intrigue, scientific, and futuristic

Researched Examples and Inspiration

“Menstrual cycle education in UK schools is inconsistent and inadequate, and teachers feel they lack time, confidence, and subject knowledge…”

Nottingham Trent University 2022

Change of Plan

Topic: Cyclical living

Lack of education and awareness around cyclical health and alternative approaches to develop self-awareness for young women. Olivia Rose, founder of New World Women Collective, is currently looking for a visual communication voice to deliver an inspiring, engaging short video documentary with infographics to target a younger audience to share and educate the importance of cyclical living and direct them to the membership site providing education and holistic practices providing community and a neutral space for young women to be empowered to make the right choices and lifestyle changes to suit their cycle.

Research Question

How can typography and video editing be used to inspire awareness of the importance of holistic cyclical living?

Audience: Young women university students, perhaps global of focus Manchester. Contact local universities and meet with Olivia to interview and film in France.

Research Communication

Richard Little’s chats with Falmouth ASK helped steer me toward the Student Union to discuss the topic of cyclical living. How to best present a survey to collect information to align the content and visual direction to the intended audience.

Falmouth University Male Bathroom



What does Greater Manchester currently offer visual communications for cyclical living? What documentaries are out there? Subcultural implications that affect the lack of illumination education in cyclical living in education systems. How to use graphic design to steer younger students to enrol in cyclical living membership to help their cycle awareness.


Collaborator: New World Women founder “Olivia is a highly qualified and motivational Women’s Wellness Practitioner. She has been teaching yoga for 13 years and has gained CPDs in other modalities, contributing to becoming the teacher she is today. 

Olivia has led Classes, Workshops and Retreats across the globe and impacted thousands of people’s lives with her wellbeing practices. Olivia has explicitly trained in women’s wellness, going from the more spiritual training of the Priestess Apprentice to focusing on the body when becoming Certified as a Period Coach & FEMM Instructor. “

Designed a short documentary:

What is cyclical living?

How does it stand out from other methods of managing cycles to appeal to young women?

  • If you suffer from PMS, what would you do?
  • Where to go to receive quality holistic cycle health?

Barriers: Budget for designer and market to illuminate her work. I want to help with this.

Percentage of teachers that felt pupils’ attendance, participation in exercise and confidence were affected by periods.

A percentage of secondary school teachers reported that menstrual cycle education lessons were taught in their school.

A percentage of teachers reported that they were uncomfortable teaching about the menstrual cycle, with many drawing on their own experiences.


Misrepresented data has been depicted in Xavier Barrade Liberte Egalité Fraternité. The visual demonstrates a bold message through pie charts occupying space over hidden stereotypes, with little to see to ignite some mystery, yet enough of the imagery is in site to know the political stereotype. Having little interest in politics, let alone French politics, the mysterious draw-and-contrast shares bold and magnetic qualities.

Literature reference: *Data Flow. Visualising Information in Graphic Design, Gestalten.

Type research this week, inspired by a peer suggestion, Michela, shared a randomised way to explore the Type book Wim Crouwell. I will share each week to review and revise.

Critique & Distil

Discussions with ASK to link to a means of distributing a survey across the younger generation of students. Difficulty defining the brief objective and visual inspiration; therefore, a weekly meeting with Olivia Rose has been established to communicate updates and a steady flow of communication regarding the brief and design direction. Critical writing and thinking are challenging for me this week, and having reviewed the study hub to develop critical writing skills. I see little information graphics linked to the topic of the brief. Therefore, I will broaden my research. In week four, align the survey with collating information to develop more information on the audience’s language.


The Designers Smashing Period Taboos Once and For All

A Visual History of Type, Wim Crouwel. pp 175, 223, 405

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