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A discussion centred around women’s cycle health and visual publication with Olivia Rose, an artist and cyclical health expert, led to researching the visual creations of MONICA SJÖÖ. Being relevant to the matrifocal societies’ culture, it is interesting to explore in more detail the ways to explore alternative ways of community hierarchy. A tutorial and peer discussion led to the decision to park this due to the topic receiving much publicity already. I am keen to involve Olivia’s work and will explore the value and relevance in more detail in the week after further discussion. Olivia already has a brand identity and is interested in creating a course as a collaborative effort to illuminate the need for increased awareness around this subject.

“There were 86 million antidepressant items prescribed in 2022/23”

-The NHS Business Services Authority

Define Brief & Scope

How can design be used to raise awareness of de-prescribing in Greater Manchester antidepressants and/ or holistic support measures to support women through the process?

images: Falmouth University Lecture week 2:

Typography Inspiration

Playful & experimental to convey meaning: Chris Chapman


Issues discussed in the local area:

Depression is a sensitive topic and would need to be approached with sensitivity.

The antidepressant rise in Oldham

Not so local: I have a connection to a cyclical health coach and love her work. Olivia is a cyclical health coach specialising in the arts of dance and holistic women’s wellness approaches. Olivia is interested in collaborating to create courses, video editing, and visual communications of her work. This will very much influence some of the solution-based approaches. I want to document alongside the idea of deprescribing if it is possible and will use research to refine and define the gap to be filled.

Communication is used to raise awareness:

Pure Gym is a short video to raise awareness of mental health and the importance of exercise.

Challenging the myths that society holds on mental health in Manchester.

“We all have mental health”

Stewart Lucas
Men have been the default research participants!

Women are often excluded from research studies due to inconsistencies in results.

How are antidepressants affecting women’s hormone health?

Menstruation Matters © Bee Hughes

Advertising, activism and visual culture

How cultural attitudes to menstruation have finally started to shift
by Dr Kay Standing and Bee Hughes
28 MAY 2019

Design Approach

Video editing and animated fonts are new and exciting to me, and I think they could help deliver a message aligned with the overall goals of the course. I will investigate further.

Critique & Distil

Understanding the narrative and the audience is critical, and there is confusion about the direction to take. How can design be used effectively to turn up the volume for messages unheard? Teresa Monachino’s tutorial was helpful, highlighting a defined call to action on how design can effectively deliver the message. Further research is required to understand the narrative to draw upon the purpose and meaning. Once clear, the following steps can be defined and relevant design skills applied.

Peer review and critique have been central and helpful in considering the sensitivities around antidepressants linked to de-prescribing. It is quite a significant topic to cover quickly to align with my passions and how I’d like my portfolio to look. It would steer a direction into women’s wellness and subcultural aspects aligned with cyclical health.

Question in Review:

How can type be used in a short video documentary to illuminate the effect of subculture on products toxic to women’s cyclical health?

What next?

Review art, design fonts and design in women’s cycle health. Align the audience, meet with potential collaborators, and create a project brief and plan.


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