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Design & Develop

Video Initial Sensycle series introduction development:

Lecture Notes

“Ideas around co-design and collaborative design processes are critical to developing relevant and appropriate design solutions.”

There have been many challenges in collaborating on this project. To address them, having the freedom to choose who to work with and leaving space for natural flow allowed this project to come to life. Tuning into my current circumstances, those I work with, the things I enjoy, and my intentions for the future all align with this project in a way that is helpful for both the collaborator and myself; it seems quite mutual. The relationship has developed, combining aspects of what we enjoy and our specialisms, and even at times stepping into the unknown to explore elements of what I would consider design, such as brainstorming colour schemes for clothing, places to film, and lighting, while also leaving an element of authenticity and vulnerability to relax filters and avoid over-editing. Exploration of sound and regular interaction to discuss, distil, assess, critique, and discover new opportunities to be redirected. I have found it quite a challenge to work with a model that I feel sways me to look for problems; I will develop a new process to seek opportunities that align with my natural intention.

Useful Tools

writing is a challenge for me in terms of aligning with current structures, clarity, and simplicity. ASK have been great in helping out with several weekly chats with their representative. It has helped me define a simple style and develop a method of logging referencing in a way that places all my references in one place with quote relevance to the document’s structure. Helpful.


Artefact Progress:

Colour & storyboard review with Olvia

Meeting Minutes

Developing the images for the video happened accidentally. Space was given for organic evolution and visually guided by objects around us that resonated with the symbolism of the womb. This later evolved to align the images with the season, emotional qualities and essential oils linked to the cycle phases. The cycle phases can be related to the seasons, the moon phases and the elements. Olivia and I found that there were limited illustrations to demonstrate the holistic representation of the phases while incorporated those elements as a side project we began to create because it felt good, and I found it soothing. There is nothin inivotative or fancy in terms of methodology, just intuition, informative conversation and what ever images of visual stimulation i could find to inspire.

Womb Graphics: Created in Fresco

Many women do not know there are 4 main phases to the menstrual cycle to help visual demonstration of the phases to align with a holistic view of the menstrual cycle as well as beautify it.

Inspired by nature and integrating the NWWC colours and links to the philosophies and wisdom shared in the cyclical living training delivered within the membership.

Motion Graphics: Created in Fresco Genna

Luteal phase colour wave animated gradient in After Effects for crop/ ultrakey effect in Premier Pro.

Deep Luteal phase colour wave animated gradient in After Effects for crop/ ultrakey effect in Premier Pro.

Menstrual phase colour wave animated gradient in After Effects for crop/ ultrakey effect in Premier Pro.



Blobs (NWWC) Creations

Meeting Minutes and Review:

Tutorial: Frauke


Yoko Ono’s research suggestion led to last-minute ideas to finalise the video content to allow for the feminine qualities of the tinted grey to continue. from suggestions, I have decided to use Typography to emphasise the video’s messages. Critique has navigated a more simplistic toned-down version to provide space for people to hear their message and relate in their own way, taking what theyy need and choosing to opt in for more.

Yoko Ono: Music of Mind exhibition London 2024

Critique & Distil



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